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Cinematography, Script Writing, Editing, Sound Design, Makeup and Special Effects and Directing are the 6 modules which are covered during the students' 2-year course.

During the 3rd year, students will have 2 core subjects which is supplied by RLS and students can then choose up to 2-3 of the above modules which they wish to specialize in.

Our program offers Internationally Accredited Diploma's and Certificate through Rock School Limited and apart from the in-house facilities, we also expose students to real-life opportunities such as film festivals, field trips, workshops, seminars and etc.

Each module will have numerous assignments, tasks and projects which the student needs to complete to build up credits towards his final year and diploma. Furthermore, students' practical assignments and projects includes making Short Films, Advertisements, Music Video's and many other projects. 

Students are required to get 12o credits in each module per year to successfully graduate in the end of their 2-years with an International Diploma in each module. 

Our course is run by Rock School Limited's Vocational Qualifications . Although the course is not accredited by SAQA yet, the International Qualification obtained is accepted and recognized within the South African Qualifications Framework and Authority (SAQA).

The school of filmmaking is an advance and extensive  2-3 year filmmaking course that will teach students the in’s and out’s and key factors of filmmaking.


Why is this course perfect for you? 

Our filmmaking is a full-time course which is designed with flexibility for our students.

The filmmaking course runs for a total of 2-years mandatory and an optional 3rd year, as per the academy’s semester. Students will have class every day as per their schedules. Some classes will also run during late afternoons and evenings.

Students will be required to attend 80% of all their classes, however because our course is flexible students who misses certain classes can easily catch up.

With our integrated course material, our filmmaking course focuses on teaching the student 6 important modules required to learn everything about filmmaking. These modules include Cinematography, Film Editing, Sound Design, Script Writing, Film Directing and Makeup and Special Effects.


Apart from theoretical learning, students will also have a lot of hands-on practical experience throughout their 2-years by working with camera's, equipment, working in studio's and so much more.

SAFATA has partnered up with numerous companies and institutes to give students the best opportunities possible.

SAFATA also offers experience and internships on real movie sets and does work-integrated learning (WIL) where students also complete a certain amount of physical hours in real life experiences.

Entry Requirements:

  • Must be older than 18 years old

  • Must have a valid national senior certificate (matric) or NQF Qualification of Level 4 or higher.

  • Students with no matric / prior qualification / prior work-experience, can apply for exemption.

Brand new - Filmmaking Junior Course for Under 18's now available:

Our filmmaking department now also offers a FILM MAKING JUNIOR course for young individuals under the age of 18 who wishes to do a introductory and fun course in filmmaking to see and understand the field before further study.

This filmmaking junior course will teach the students all the basics of filmmaking and will have them make their own movie in a 3-month course, with classes running every second Saturday. At the end of the course students will have experienced the world of filmmaking and movie making.

Brand new - Short Programmes Now Offered:

For students that are not interested in taking a full course or only wishes to learn about one specific aspect of filmmaking - our short courses are for you.

Classes are run flexible and part time at night and for a duration of between 4 to 12 weeks depending on the course.

We offer:

  • Short Course in Scripwriting

  • Short Course in Writing for Television

  • Short Course in Film Directing

  • Short Course in Acting for Film and Television

  • Short Course in Makeup & Special Effects


For students who wish to study Makeup & Special Effects, SAFATA now offers a full-time 1 year program teaching students everything in the makeup & special effects fields. 


Registration Number 2018/426844/07. SAFATA is a registered member with the Associations of Private Providers in Education & Development (APPETD) Membership Number MEM2020/050

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